Tuesday, August 05, 2008

CBS11: Babe: First Cowboys Game Could be their Last of the Season

First Cowboys Game Could Be Their Last
Posted by CBS11

Does anyone else out there see the irony? The Cowboys first pre-season match-up could very well be their last game of the season, the Super Bowl February 1 in Tampa. Think about it for a minute.

San Diego took a beat up football team to the AFC Championship Game and gave New England all they could handle. I don't think New England will be as strong as they were last season, with Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel signing with Philly and a defense that is getting older by the minute. They are certainly a contender, along with Indy and a few other teams from the AFC, but this could be the Bolts year.

The Cowboys are almost a mirror image of the Chargers, maybe the most talented team in their conference, but a team that hasn't been able to do anything once the post-season begins. And that is selling San Diego short, as last year they showed tremendous courage to go to Indy and get a win with a beat up football team, although they were playing an Indy team that was also reeling from injuries.

And think this storyline won't be played up if Dallas and San Diego both make it to the Super Bowl? Both head coaches, Norv Turner and Wade Phillips, were both coordinators for the other team... Turner was this close (as I hold my thumb and forefinger millimeters apart) and both have the reputation of being great coordinators who have had limited success as head coaches. Yea, something tells me we won't run out of story ideas if these two teams meet in February, and for my money, I think it could very easily happen.

-- Babe Laufenberg