Friday, August 15, 2008

Cowboys-Broncos friendly workout turns a bit ugly


DENVER — Apparently, Saturday’s preseason game can’t get here quickly enough for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos.

What began as friendly workouts grew increasingly chippy and spirited Thursday morning until a fight finally broke out.

Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams got into a pushing match with Broncos defender Marcus Thomas, ripped his helmet off and began flinging it at Thomas as they were engulfed by a pile of players from both teams.

"It was a little scuffle that happens every now and then," Adams said afterward. "He just pushed on me and I let it ride like I always do. He pushed again and it was over. I went after him."

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips and Denver coach Mike Shanahan downplayed the incident.
"It was just pushing and shoving," Phillips said. "It wasn’t a fight."

But what about Adams using his helmet as a weapon?

"It was just pushing and shoving," Phillips repeated.

Adam is no Pacman?
Cornerback Adam Jones and Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall continued their competition on and off the field Thursday.

Marshall came to practice with a message taped to his shoulder pads: "Adam is no Pacman."

"Yesterday I said '21 is no Champ (Pro Bowler Champ Bailey),’ " Marshall explained. "And I went to thinking about it and said, since he changed his name back to Adam, he’s not as good as Pacman used to be."

Walking the talk
Rookie tight end Martellus Bennett’s laid-back nature and seemingly couldn’t-care-less attitude has been one of the hot topics of Cowboys’ training camp.

Sports IllustratedPeter King criticized him for having poor body language, while HBO is chronicling the tough love he’s getting from tight ends coach John Garrett weekly on Hard Knocks.

Bennett said he’s been this way his whole life and doesn’t care what outsiders think as long as the Cowboys like his performance.

"That’s how people are," said Bennett about being judged from his body language.

"It’s America. They will judge a book before they read it. It’s about what happens between the snaps that matters. For all they know, I could have scoliosis or something. I just walk like that. But they never know. That is just the way I walk. I just walk funny."

Burnett sidelined
Linebacker Kevin Burnett will undergo arthroscopic surgery today on his sprained right knee.

The surgery is termed as a minor cleanup by the Cowboys, who expect Burnett to miss no more than two weeks. He should be ready for the season opener Sept. 7 at Cleveland.

Today will be the third procedure on the knee, including an anterior cruciate ligament tear as a rookie and a scope last season.