Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Sick and tired of hearing about the need for a No. 2 receiver

Status of Cowboys' No. 2 WR bores me

I'm sick and tired of hearing about the Cowboys need a No. 2 receiver. They have one: Jason Witten.

He caught 96 passes for 1,145 yards and seven touchdowns. He's the guy who moves the chains and he's Tony Romo's security blanket.

Besides, Patrick Crayton, the third option, was excellent last year until his horrible game against the Giants. He finished with 50 catches for 697 yards and seven touchdowns.

So give it a rest. The receivers are fine. So is the passing game.

This is the same offense that broke a bunch of team records and was one of the most prolific in the league last year. They will be that way again, if they don't get hit by the injury bug.

There are no flawless teams.