Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Different Season, Same Story: Cowboys Fail Again in December

by Shawn Makhani


"Wade Phillips just lost his job."


"I am no longer a Cowboys fan."

"Utter embarrassment for a city that is used to failure."

"(expletive deleted) you and your (expletive deleted) Cowboys. They lost me money tonight!"

These were just six of the thirty-five or so text messages I received after the Cowboys "game" on Saturday night.

Once again, my beloved Cowboys faltered in December, in a game in which winning was entirely possible. The defense played great up until the 2 minute warning, essentially negating any mistakes—and there were a lot—that Tony Romo was making.

Yet another December, and yet another putrid performance by the Cowboys.

Willis McGahee breaking off the 77-yard run in the 4th quarter wasn't the heart breaker. What killed all Cowboys fans was Le'Ron McClain's 82-yard touchdown right after the Cowboys had pulled within 2!

Tony Romo had actually showed signs of life in the final 4 minutes, and when that happened, the defense collapsed.

Of course, all this had to happen on a night which brought back so many memories, so many great players into one stadium. How embarrassed do you think Jerry Jones feels? Wait, sorry—I'm talking about the only owner other than Al Davis who has no soul.

Those last few minutes were not the only reason the Cowboys lost the game though.

Tony Romo threw two unjustifiable interceptions to Ed Reed. Romo also failed to realize that he has another excellent receiver playing opposite Terrell Owens in Roy Williams. Romo also overthrew an easy touchdown to Miles Austin, something that could only happen in December.

I've sat by my Cowboys year-in and year-out. Don't get me wrong, that will never change. But when Romo was elected to lead this team, I—like many other Cowboys fans—suddenly had a light in my eye.

Oh, how you toy with us, Tony. We've sat through treacherous quarterbacks, from Quincy Carter to Drew Henson to Chad Hutchinson. Hell, we put up with Drew Bledsoe.

You gave us hope, Tony. And now you're tearing us down. You're like Britney Spears a year ago. Hey, at least she's back.

Romo, you're proving to all Cowboys fans that you may not be the quarterback we thought you were.

Now, the Cowboys are one win away from the postseason. Even I don't think they deserve it.

Can they get there? Perhaps. It'll take a win in Philadelphia, against a team that always kills the Cowboys in December, and a fan base that yells and curses more than Samuel L. Jackson.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say: even if the Cowboys do win in Philly, there is no possible way they exit the first round of the playoffs. I don't care who they play.

Beware, fellow Cowboys fans. We're six months away from Jerry Jones signing Plaxico Burress to "help the team".

Six months away from Wade Phillips still having a job.

And 12 months away from another Cowboys collapse.