Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DMN Blog: Mike Shanahan to the Cowboys? Now that's how you 'change' things up

by Brian Davis

So Calvin thinks Mike Shanahan is "old and tired." Well, he would be 57 when the season starts next year. Yeah, that 8-5 playoff record and those two Super Bowl titles make me yawn, too.

Let's see. Wade Phillips will be 62 next season. He's 0-4 in the playoffs and just guided one of the most talented teams in Cowboys history to a mediocre 9-7 finish.


I know, I know. Jerry Jones has been emphatic about sticking with Phillips, who promised (but never outlined in detail) major changes. Jerry's got to be thinking about Shanahan today, doesn't he? If he's not, then he's not doing his job as an owner.

Shanahan knows how to work with young quarterbacks. Last I checked, the Cowboys have one of those. He always squeezes the most out of running backs. The Cowboys have three of those. The guy knows offense, and last I checked, the Cowboys have T.O., Jason Witten and Co. And surely he can do something with DeMarcus Ware and his band of merry men.

Old and tired, eh? Hey, Calvin: Sure.