Friday, May 29, 2009

MySa Blog: Stop the presses: Roy Williams has a fan in Drew Pearson

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DALLAS - Roy Williams bashing has been popular among former Cowboys this offseason. Troy Aikman, Deion Sanders and Emmitt Smith have all taken turns disparging the play of the former Texas standout.

But at least one former Dallas star is in Williams' corner: Drew Pearson.

In an interview at Wednesday's ribbon cutting ceremony at Cowboys Stadium, Roger Staubach's favorite target said he has faith in Williams, the team's No. 1 WR after Terrell Owens was released in March.

"I had a talk with him a couple of weeks ago when our paths happened to cross, and he told me what he's been doing since the beginning of March, working with the other receivers; working with the quarterbacks, including (Tony) Romo; working on how to develop the trust, the love, the relationships with not only Romo, but all the quarterbacks, all the receivers, all the offense," Pearson said. "And that's what you've got to do, that's what it takes.

"So I give him a pass to the head of the class. He's proven. He's done some great things in the NFL. And I've got to feel like he is really excited and motivated to do some of those things and even greater things in a Dallas Cowboys uniform, being a Texas guy. I think he will step up and do what he has to do."

Pearson was lukewarm about the rest of the wideouts. While acknowledging Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Isaiah Stanback all have potential, Pearson said time could be running out on the foursome.

"I think they're a good group," Pearson said. "The biggest thing about them is the label of potential - they are potentially good. And that means they haven't done it yet. Once we get rid of that label potential, then I can speak better of whether these guys have what it takes to be productive on a consistent basis in the NFL."

Cowboys will be more relaxed without Owens
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DALLAS - So says Drew Pearson.

The Cowboys former star receiver called Terrell Owens "a dominating influence" on the younger wideouts and believes his absence will allow them to "blossom and grow."
QB Tony Romo will also benefit from having T.O. in Buffalo rather than in his ear all the time, Pearson believes.

"I just think it helps the whole atmosphere," Pearson said Wednesday at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Cowboys Stadium. "I'm not blaming everything on him - the reason why they didn't have success last year, the Philly game, and all that debacle and all that - I'm not blaming it on one guy. But the atmosphere is very important and the players have to feel relaxed in that atmosphere and not intimidated, especially by another player. And I think he has that kind of presence that would intimidate you, so therefore, it's better to eliminate that and let's see if we can win without that type of presence. We didn't win with it, so let's see now if we can win without it."

Will Drew Pearson ever get in Ring of Honor?
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DALLAS - Roger Staubach's favorite target has made no secret of his desire to join the other great members of the Tom Landry Cowboys in the Ring of Honor.

But Pearson sounded at peace with the matter when I talked to him about it Wednesday at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Cowboys Stadium. He also made it clear he wouldn't mind the honor coming at the new stadium rather than Texas Stadium, where he starred in the 1970s.
"The meaning is the honor, the achievement, not where you hang," Pearson said. "The recognition, it would be nice to have. And, hopefully, one day it will come. When it comes, that will be God's time. Hopefully, I will be around if it does come.

"A lot of people tell me that it will happen: People that you played with, people that are in the Ring, people that aren't in the Ring but were great teammates of yours. When they kind of tell you you deserve that recognition, it gives me the credibility and the thinking that maybe one year it will happen. But to put a timetable on it and say, yeah, it's this year, next year, 10 years from now, that's out of my control."