Tuesday, June 09, 2009

DMN Blog: Roy Williams: 'Wide receivers ... were terrible today'

By Tim MacMahon/Blogge

It would be kind to say the passing game didn't click during today's OTA workout, when Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton were the only receivers available who have played a down for the Cowboys.

"It was sloppy," Williams said. "I can't talk about everybody else. But I know the wide receivers, we were terrible today. We've got to get the young guys better prepared -- tell them to put their PlayStations down and get in their playbook. You've got to come out here and be prepared to practice."

Good point, but it wasn't only the young guys.

Williams and Tony Romo had trouble getting on the same page, too. The most glaring instance was a play on which Williams ran a post, Romo threw a corner and S Pat Watkins made an uncontested pick.

It won't be a big deal if Kevin Ogletree, Manuel Johnson and Julian Hawkins aren't prepared. They just won't make the team if that's the case.

If Williams and Romo continue to have issues after a full off-season of trying to build a rapport, the Cowboys will have some serious problems.