Friday, June 19, 2009

DMN Blog: Tony Romo says he doesn't need Parcells like coaching

By Tim MacMahon/Blogger

There are folks who believe that Tony Romo's career took a turn for the worse when Bill Parcells left Valley Ranch.

I don't recall anybody complaining about Romo while the Cowboys won 12 of their first 13 Tuna-less games en route to revising the franchise's season passing record book.

However, Romo probably would benefit if he was firmly reminded of Parcells' QB commandments on a regular basis.

But Romo doesn't buy that he needs a coach to crack down on him.

"I've been coached the same since I've been here," Romo said after Wednesday morning's practice. "There's no different style or way."

So nothing changed when Wade Phillips took over for the Tuna?! Sure, buddy. Now, let's continue to the part in which Romo made sense.

"I mean, if you need to be coached to be good or great, then you're probably not going to be that good or great. You know?" Romo said. "It's all the person within. It all comes down to each individual.

"I've had coaches in the past ... one of the best lines ever was, 'If I have to stay on you 24/7, then you're probably not going to last very long.' So you need to be self-motivated. You don't get to this position if you're not.

"I think the biggest misconception is that people need to treat you like you're 17 years old. You're either going to do it or you're not. Either you want to be successful or you don't. Either you want to be great or you don't. That's the approach you take every day. That's my approach."

There's another theory that Jason Garrett and Wade Wilson, the guys who coach Romo on a regular basis, are afraid to get tough with Romo. This theory has been fueled by whispers from certain corners of the locker room.

Romo insists he has no problem with his coaches providing constructive criticism in the form of blunt assessments of his performance ... to a certain point.

"Do I seem like that hard-core of an egotistical person? No," Romo said. "Coaches coach. That's what they do. They're going to coach you when you mess up. They also understand that I do certain things that I've been able to do that are successful as well.

"So it isn't a dictatorship. When it becomes one, then you don't have the ability to get better as a group together. And the whole idea is to grow together."