Monday, September 14, 2009

Dallas-Giants: Position by Position

Originally posted by wildcats9 from a sports forum:


QB: Edge Dallas
RB: Slight Edge Dallas
WR/TE: Big Edge Dallas
Oline: Edge Giants

Dline: Big Edge Giants
LB's: Edge Dallas
DB's: Even

Special teams: Edge Dallas

Giants Running Game Vs Dallas Run Defesnse: Based on the Tampa game you have to give the edge to the giants. Tampa however, is very good on the interior of their line. Both Jeff Faine and Davin Joseph are pro bowl type players. Dallas needs to tackle much better this week or it will be a long game. Edge: Giants

Giants Pass Game vs Dallas Pass defense: The giants recievers suck, nicks is out for sunday. Steve smith and manningham dont scare me along with Boss. The secondary needs to stop mental mistakes and not play so soft. Also, expect Ware to play better and harass Eli. Edge: Dallas

Dallas run game Vs. Giants run defense: Match up that will decide the game here i think. If Dallas can run the ball it will slow down the pass rush and make the play action game more effective, not to mention tire the giants defense. If the giants control this aspect of the game. Romo will be forced to throw exculsivley and the pass rush can really get after it. Edge: Toss up

Dallas Pass game Vs Giants Pass Defense: Match up problems galore here, this is the giants weak part of their defense. Witten and Bennett are match up nightmares for the giants. Ross is out this week so the secondary is weakened even more. This is a big edge for Dallas if Romo has time, the Giants need to pressure romo in order to negate the big advantage Dallas has in the passing game. RW looked good yesterday, slimmed down and quicker.

This is a game that will say alot about the Cowboys, the giants do not have big play potential in their offesne. Dallas needs to avoid mental breakdowns defensively and tackle much, much better than last week.

Prediction: Dallas 24 Giants:17