Tuesday, September 01, 2009

DMN Blog: Roy Williams returns to practice, proves he's a coachable QB

by Tim MacMahon/Blogger

Roy Williams dressed out for today's practice, sporting a pair of shoulder pads that he appeared to borrow from an offensive lineman. Or he might have just had extra padding underneath.

The XXL pads didn't prevent Williams from putting on an impressive display of arm strength and accuracy while goofing around during warmups.

From 20 yards away, Williams drilled the crossbar with three consecutive throws. He also threw some go routes in passing lines. Apparently, somebody mentioned that he underthrew a ball. He led the receiver well on the next pass and puffed out his chest a little bit.

"I can get it out there!" he hollered, loud enough for the media standing about 60 yards away to hear. "I'm coachable!"

As far as his full-time WR job goes, Williams was able to lift his left arm (the one with the bruised shoulder) over his head to catch a pass. We'll learn later whether he was limited once the real action in practice started.