Sunday, October 18, 2009

ESPN" What's in Mosley's Mailbag?

TIDBIT: Mike from Girard, Pa., is wondering what Wade Phillips and Co. accomplished during the all-important bye week: Hey Matt, big fan. I was wondering what the Cowboys have been up to during their bye week and what they are doing to correct some of their problems. Do you see them putting new stuff in or trying to get back to basics? Also, can I predict 13 tackles and either a sack or forced fumble for Brooking? You know he's coming to play against his former team. I think this could be a trap game, seeing as how Atlanta has the Saints on Monday night the next week. Thoughts?

Mosley: Mike, you had me right up until the point you mentioned it being a trap game for the Falcons. But I love the concept of that. I'm afraid coming to new Cowboys Stadium is something that catches a team's attention. I think the Falcons will pull out all the stops, and I'd be shocked if they were looking ahead to the Saints. During the bye, Phillips said the team's been doing a lot of fine-tuning. Not getting too specific with the Falcons preparation, but actually going back and tweaking some things -- especially when it comes to the two-minute defense, which has been awful.