Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tony Romo To Miles Austin In Green Bay

Source: The Hutch Report

Later today, the Dallas Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers. That game Later today, the Dallas Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers. That game will be broadcast on the Fox television network at 3:15pm CST. In what has turned out to be a turnaround year for the Dallas Cowboys, the first few weeks of terrible NFL play by the Cowboys has changed for the better - because of the new chemistry between starting quarterback Tony Romo and wide receiver Miles Austin. Only one month ago, I really believed that the 2009 NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys was going to go down in flames and then like magic - wide receiver Miles Austin got his chance to start for the Cowboys and that was just what the doctor ordered for starting quarterback Tony Romo to get off his butt and start throwing the football for touchdowns instead of interceptions.

I have written before about the lack of a spark in the Dallas Cowboys football team ever since Terrell Owens was traded away to the Buffalo Bills. I really never liked Terrell Owens when he played for the Dallas Cowboys, but there was a big benefit for the team in having him on the football field. That benefit was created when opposing teams always double teamed Terrell Owens, which created a wide open field for Tony Romo to find another receiver to throw the football to. When Terrell Owen was traded away by the Dallas Cowboys, there was a huge vacuum created by his departure. Now however, there is a new sheriff in town and that guys name is Miles Austin. There is no way anyone could have known the big positive impact that Miles Austin would have on the team before this season began - but everyone both friend and foe of the Dallas Cowboys knows it now.

The Tony Romo to Miles Austin combination gives the Dallas Cowboys a chance to win every single week in the NFL. That is something even few die-hard Cowboys fans believed to be possible back in August and September. When today's game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys gets underway, don't be surprised to see Miles Austin catch a bunch of Tony Romo passes for touchdowns. There is some kind of real positive energy at work on the Cowboys team this year that has ignited both Tony Romo and Miles Austin to play the best football of their lives. While last week Miles Austin only score one touchdown, I predict he will score two or more TD's this week against the Green Bay Packers.

In so many ways, that million dollar full teeth smile that Miles Austin shows as he is running down the sideline for touchdowns has a contagious effect on Dallas Cowboys fans as well. Every time I watch Tony Romo throw a pass to Miles Austin and those huge pearly whites start beaming from my television screen - I too find a large smile on my own face. Right now, Miles Austin is the most important player on the Dallas Cowboys football team. That importance is found in more than one way, but certainly at the top of anyone's list of the benefits of having Miles Austin on the Dallas Cowboys football team would include an attitude of team first and a dedication to winning games without the narcissistic need to always put himself before the best interest of the team.