Friday, December 18, 2009

Cowboys Gear Up For Super-Hostile Superdome

By Scott Crisp

Rowdy, deafening, and in all likelihood sauced beyond coherence, the crowd at the Superdome will present an obstacle in itself for the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night.

In anticipation of this, the team has practiced this week to a blaring soundtrack of simulated crowd noise. Whether or not this will help is debatable. New England came in prepared. So did those New York Giants. Then they were slapped around, each losing by 21.

New Orleans, 6-0 in the friendly confines, currently has an average margin of victory of 15.3 when playing in front of the home crowd. (Thanks to Todd Archer at the DMN for the stat)

Dallas is 2-5 at the venue in their history.

But linebacker Keith Brooking, who played in the Superdome more than a few times as a member of the Atlanta Falcons, relishes the opportunity. Beyond that, he has a message for the Who Dat Nation: “Bring it on.”

“I’m very familiar with the Superdome, I’ve played quite a few games there, and you have to go for their heart,” Brooking said. “You have to take the life out of them very early and that’s going to be key for us defensively. I think that falls on our shoulders.

“If we can set the tone defensively, take the life out of them, go for their heart, that’s going to go a long way and let them know that we’re going to be there all day long.”