Saturday, April 24, 2010

With the 196th pick the Cowboys take CB Jamar Wall from Texas Tech

Notes from NFL Draft Scout...

One of the more underrated players at his position...Wall's stocky build, athleticism, aggressive play and sure tackling make him a potential starting zone corner in the NFL and worthwhile Saturday draft pick.

Read & React: Reads the body language and routes of receivers. Gets too aggressive, biting on pump fakes and double moves, but rarely is fooled twice. Attacks running plays to his side. Gets to other receivers when a teammate loses track of them.

Man Coverage: Coverage skills made opponents wary of throwing at Wall. Usually plays off in press-bail coverage, but he has the long arms and strong arms to be physical with receivers coming off the line. Good backpedal -- stays low and quick. Capable of sticking to his man in coverage on any route. Will be out-muscled downfield by larger receivers. Offenses try to take advantage of his lack of height in the red zone, but he has the vertical to compete against taller receivers.

Zone Coverage: Was left on an island in Tech's defense, but displays headiness and good change-of-direction ability to close on underneath routes.

Closing/Recovery: Reacts to the ball in the air, takes the correct angle when attacking the receiver to separate the ball from its target or secure the tackle. Good recovery speed after biting on double moves, but will resort to bumping receivers instead of trusting his speed.

Run Support: Usually positioned off the line, but does not tackle like a converted running back. Closes on the run quickly and wraps up consistently. Uses long arms and strength to stay clear or rip off most receiver blocks, but forces action inside if he can't disengage.

Tackling: Likes to hit, puts ballcarriers on the ground with a strong shoulder. Generally solid tackling in space, does not need to resort to cut tackling to bring down backs or receivers. Misses tackles occasionally when trying to make a hit. Should be an outstanding special teams gunner because of his speed and aggressiveness.

Intangibles: Does not back down from a challenge. Teammates respect his hard work and coaches trust him to be in the right spot and make the big play. Ran for 477 yards on 20 kickoff returns in 2008 and could get a chance there in training camp because of his strong running style.