Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys: Best Players of the 2000's

A Decade of Dallas Cowboys
by Bryan Mckinley

For the Dallas Cowboys, the only thing that matters is championships. In the 2000's, the Cowboys haven't won any of three playoff games, yet alone a championship. With 2009 winding down, they have a good shot of getting one last chance at success this decade. If recent past history is any indicator, the Cowboys will find a way to fall apart when the pressure is on. During the past ten seasons, the Cowboys might have fallen short of their goals, but they don't lack serious talent. Out of all the players that wore a Dallas Cowboys jersey, these are the best five of the 2000's. (Only accomplishments and stats while playing for the Dallas Cowboys from 2000-2009 were considered.)

1. Demarcus Ware - Ware has only been a Dallas Cowboy for five years, yet he is the best Dallas Cowboys player of the past decade. In those five seasons, he accumulated 64.5 sacks and 23 forced fumbles. If you were to start building a defense and you could pick any player in the NFL to build around, Demarcus Ware would be a pretty good choice.

2. Jason Witten - The second best Dallas Cowboys player from the past decade is their reliable tight end. Witten has played his whole career with the 'Boys, hauling in over 500 catches, for over 5,700 yards and 26 touchdowns in seven seasons. He seems to be just coming into his prime as he has had at least 80 receptions in the past three seasons. If Witten remains a Cowboy for the rest of his career, he will leave all former Dallas Cowboys' tight ends in the dust. He is already considered by many to be the best Dallas Cowboys tight end of all-time; a few more years are only going to make that set in stone.

3. Tony Romo - Unfortunately Tony Romo sometimes seems to be mentioned more for what he has done wrong or hasn't done, than for the stellar seasons he has had for the Cowboys. Sure Romo has struggled in December, has yet to lead the Cowboys to a post season victory and made an all-time memorable flub as a kick holder in a wild card playoff game, but none of that stuff takes away what he has accomplished. Romo has been with the Cowboys since 2005 and has been their starting quarterback for the past four seasons. In those four seasons, he has passed for over 14,000 yards and 104 touchdowns. He also has a 95.6 QB rating which is the second best among quarterbacks that have played at least three seasons this past decade!

4. Greg Ellis - Ellis had been with the Dallas Cowboys from 1998- 2009. From the years 2000-2009, the consistent defensive end racked up 66.5 sacks.

5. Terence Newman - Newman has been a shutdown cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys ever since they drafted him in 2003. In his seven seasons for the Dallas Cowboys, he has over 400 tackles and 22 interceptions.