Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roy Williams on Dez Bryant: 'The dude is scary; a man amongst boys'

by David Moore

Some have dismissed Roy Williams as delusional with his comments this off-season.

He's not. The spirit of what Williams has to say is often taken the wrong way by those who are not there when he makes the comments. He's not full of bluster. He's thoughtful. He also rejects the notion that his contract gives him an edge when it comes to the battle for a starting receiver spot.

"It is a fair competition for the spot,'' Williams said. "My thing is, if you're good enough, come get it.

"I've been working really hard this off-season. Obviously, something I've been doing these past two years hasn't been working so I took it another step further and it's working pretty good this year.

"I hope it can translate on the field. But if it doesn't, No. 88 is going to be right there. He's that good. He's going to be right there regardless. I've got to stay on my game.''

But Williams isn't finished when it comes to talking about No. 88, Dez Bryant.

"The dude is scary,'' Williams said. "The dude is good and he doesn't even know it yet. Once the light bulb goes on he will probably be the best in the league.

"He's a man among boys. He's got big hands. Real big hands. When he shakes my hand, his fingers come up to my elbows.''