Sunday, February 24, 2008

RUMOR: Possible mega trade with ATL

On NFL Network they said Cowboys maybe thinking about a major deal with ATL.

Trade Rumor One
Cowboys get:
DeAngelo Hall
#3 pick (Basically means McFadden)
2 second round picks (6th and 17th I believe)

ATL gets:
Marion Barber
Anthony Henry
Akin Ayodele
Our two first round picks (22nd and 28th)

Here is the other rumor trade with ATL from the other thread on PSD (Not from NFL network)

Trade Rumor Two
Cowboys get:
DeAngelo Hall
#3 Pick (Basically means McFadden)

ATL gets:
Our two first round picks
Second round pick
Next years first round pick

Keep in mind if this trade goes through ^^ than we would hopefully get a first and third round pick for Barber and be able to draft a WR.