Saturday, August 02, 2008

DMN Blog: Live from Oxnard XIII: Pacman disagrees with pass interference call

by Tim MacMahon

Weather: 69 degrees and partly cloudy.

OTs Flozell Adams and Marc Colombo will practice after sitting out this morning for "precautionary physical reasons," Wade Phillips said. Phillips will probably give other thirtysomethings, including T.O., a practice or two off at some point in camp.

Cowboys are in helmets and shoulder pads again. Follow the jump to see if Bobby Carpenter, the buzz of the Wade press conference, can carry over his morning mojo.

5:17 -- Wade Phillips shot down a rumor that he planned to call off tomorrow's practice. Pretty sure the rumor was just wishful thinking by some slacker media types.

5:22 -- Roy Williams just trotted over to the fence by the VIP section to hold a Cowboys staffer's baby for pictures. Ken Hamlin and some other DBs are discussing the soon-to-be-released Tiger Woods video game. ... More hardcore football coverage to come.

5:29 -- T.O. strolled over to the fence by the sideline, playing to the crowd and working the fans into a frenzy. ... Stretching about to start.

5:34 --Rowdy is roaring around on his tricked-out four-wheeler, speeding down the sideline and slapping five with the fans. ... Forgot to mention that FB Deon "Cricket" Anderson has a sore groin. He looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he would sit out any practices.

5:40 -- Rowdy throws a pretty good spiral, considering he's wearing that big, ol' costume. He left the field to go cuddle with Todd Archer. Seriously. ... Stretching over. Position drills for defense. Offense running plays vs. air with Sam Hurd as the No. 3 WR. T.O.'s in the slot with Patrick Crayton split wide right. .... Or at least that was the alignment for the first play.

5:47 -- As soon as something interesting happens, I'll pass it on.

5:49 -- The T.O. T-shirts are getting a little out of control. An NFL Films cameraman is wearing one that says, "iFilm."

5:54 -- The WRs are running patterns into the end zone. They had to pause for a minute so Rowdy's four-wheeler, which was abandoned under the goal posts, could be moved.

5:57 -- The injured cornerback crew (Terence Newman, Alan Ball, Quincy Butler) just walked out onto the field. Ball's ankle better get well soon, because Evan Oglesby has been outstanding the last few days.

6:00 -- Horn just sounded. Should get some action now. I'm gonna head down to the field. Be back in a bit with highlights.

6:14 -- I focused on passing 1-on-1s. ... Sam Hurd dropped a deep ball, jumping when it wasn't necessary. He got behind Mike Jenkins, who had a rough session. Patrick Crayton caught a long TD pass vs. Jenkins after running an out-and-up. Jenkins had decent position, but he didn't make a play on the ball. The first-round CB was also burned on a go route by undrafted WR Daniel Polk. ... Fifth-round CB Orlando Scandrick had great coverage on an Isaiah Stanback out (excellent jam), Danny Amendola go and Hurd comeback. But Scandrick got beat on his last two reps, with Crayton scoring on a skinny post and Amendola getting great separation on a crossing route. ... Mike Jefferson toasted Anthony Henry on a stop and go. Henry got a pick on his next rep, getting a great jam on Mark Bradford and muscling his way to inside position on a slant. He also had good coverage on a Todd Lowber go route. ... Adam "Pacman" Jones had a PBU on an Miles Austin go route. Pacman was flagged for pass interference on a deep ball to T.O. Pacman's reaction can't be printed in a family blog. ... Roy Williams almost had a pick on an out to Mike Jefferson. Jason Witten got wide open on a crossing route vs. Williams. ... Evan Oglesby got beat on a post by Bradford. T.O. got behind Oglesby on another post, but T.O. fell down when their feet got tangled up with the ball in the air. .... Special teams stuff now.

6:25 -- Should mention that the Cowboys did inside run drills on the other end of the field. I didn't see any of it, but I believe Todd Archer did, so hopefully he'll have some info about it in his practice observations later.