Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Romo's Not Forgetting Patrick Crayton

Posted by jellis at 6/16/2009 5:36 PM CDT on

Though we would never admit it to Patrick Crayton himself, he's been flying mostly under the radar this off-season when the Cowboys wide receiver position came up.
Frankly, Crayton's a steady guy, which is a good thing. But it also makes him an afterthought at times. Terrell Owens was shipped out, there's been talk of Roy Williams improving, and how good can Miles Austin and Sam Hurd be, should the Cowboys sign Matt Jones, and so on. Well don't tell Tony Romo that Crayton is the forgotten man.

"He’s not out of the conversation at Valley Ranch, I promise you that," Romo said Monday. "He’s a very big part of this offense and has been since I’ve been playing. He just continues to go about his business and this year I think he’s really started to turn it up a notch. And from a quarterback’s standpoint, that’s great to see."
Actually, Romo's spot on. Of all the Cowboys receivers, Crayton has probably stood out the most during the summer OTAs and this week's mini-camp. He's been consistently good, which, knowing Crayton, is no surprise. That's what he brings to the table each week. Romo is still learning Williams, and the younger kids have been banged up.

That means more looks for Crayton, and more often than not this summer, he's made the most of it.

"He just has good instincts," Romo said. "He understands the game. He understands where he needs to be. I think he does a great job of putting himself in position to be successful and anytime you have a kid that works hard and wants to get better, you can."

A lot of times I think Crayton is left out of the conversation because sometimes he's seen as having maxed out his potential. He's 30 now, with five NFL seasons under his belt, but if the offense works right, Crayton could still have a good year.
Will the 2009 season be more like 2007 for Crayton (50 catches, 697 yards, seven touchdowns), or 2008 (39 catches, 550 yards, four touchdowns)? Could he even surpass the 2007 totals?