Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DMN Blog: Tony Romo: 'It's definitely been our best off-season to date'

By Tim MacMahon/Blogger Bio

Early on in his 18-minute chat with the media yesterday, Tony Romo declared the that this has "definitely been our best off-season to date."

Oooh ... wait until word gets to Buffalo!!! That's some serious bait for a T.O. blow-up.

Too bad I screwed up the sensationalistic possibilities by asking him to elaborate. He was referring to changes in the playbook, not personnel.

"I just think that we threw a lot of stuff in - a lot - as far as a schematic standpoint on both sides of the ball," Romo said. "I know offensively we definitely had more stuff over the course of three or four weeks than we've ever had. We're trying to shock the guys and see if we can get it, study it, know it the next day and come out and execute it. A lot of the stuff we wanted to see if it was stuff that we could use this year. We weren't always going to be 100 percent, but we definitely found out what we like and what we don't and some of the things we could take going into camp and the season."

Romo didn't get into specifics, but it's obvious that a lot of the new wrinkles come with Martellus Bennett joining Jason Witten on the field. Jason Garrett can move Beans and Rice (Marty B's nickname for the tandem) all over the field to create mismatches out of a personnel grouping that's usually run-oriented.

Bennett's production in the passing game should help replace T.O., whose name didn't come out of Romo's mouth again, just in case folks are still tracking that.