Monday, June 01, 2009

Vegas odds for the Cowboys

The bookies in Las Vegas are in this game for the money so Cowboy nation should feel some warmth for the position they have Dallas in.

5/1 to Win NFC Championship only Giants rank higher at 4/1, Eagles, Viking, Panthers are 6/1, next team Atlanta at 8/1, and surprise - Chicago at 7/1

9/1 to win Super Bowl (Colts 8/1, Giants 8/1, Steelers 7/1, Patriots 6/1)
9.5 regular season wins (they match Arizona, Philly, and Tenn.)

compared to Giants (10 wins), Ravens (10 wins), Colts (10.5 wins), Chargers (10.5 wins), Steelers (11 wins), Patriots (11.5 wins)