Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jimmy Johnson was at Valley Ranch

Originally posted by Daboys7 from a sports forum:

Just herd Jimmy Johnson on ESPN said that he was at valley ranch for a couple of hours talking to some of the coaches and especially Jason Garrett. He was talking to Garrett for about an hour or so on how to handle Romo.

He said Romo is a very good qb it's just how you have to handle him.
ie...when he plays in big games make the game plan very simple and keep the reigns on him. When he plays against teams with much less talent than allow him to do a little bit of gun slinging to get it out of his system, he says you dont want to hold him back in every game just against weak teams... It's sounds good to me. The Jimmster is still workin it! I just hope Garrett listen to this valuable advice, again it sounds really good to me.