Tuesday, September 01, 2009

DMN Blog: Tony Romo: "I'm upset at myself" over interception

Tim MacMahon/Blogger

Tony Romo's interception against the 49ers was exactly the kind of play he vowed to try to eliminate.

He made an ill-advised throw under pressure, putting a ball up for grabs downfield, basically gift-wrapping the pick for San Francisco safety Mark Roman. It was a terrible decision that killed a drive on second down in 49ers territory.

The encouraging part of the play was Romo's reaction after the game. No excuses, no oh-well attitude.

"You have to make a better decision under distress at that moment," Romo said. "When something breaks down on a play that's long developed on the field, you have to make sure you minimize the mistake and I enhanced it. So we will look at it and improve upon it. But I'm upset with myself for making that decision."

It was Romo's only turnover of the preseason, assuming he'll watch from the sideline Friday in Minnesota. The serious tone of Romo's self-analysis suggests the pick was a momentary slip-up, not a sign that he'll revert to his risk-taking ways.