Monday, October 19, 2009

Compared To The 'Skins, These 'Boys Look Golden

By Scott Crisp

The Dallas Cowboys are a long way from perfect, a long way from where they--and fans, and Jerry Jones, to be sure--want to be. Questions are ubiquitous, and with those questions comes a fan base that is, at best, ill at ease. Things aren't great, as it stands now; but they could be a lot worse.

If the Cowboys need a few band-aids, the Washington Redskins, their hated rivals from the eastern seaboard, need open-heart surgery. To call the 'Skins season thus far a train wreck would belie the nature of a train wreck. After all, train wrecks usually don't last this long.

After a 14-6 loss to the then-winless Chiefs, writers are (without hyperbole) deeming the team the worst in the league, and the relationship between mini-owner Daniel Snyder and fans, always tumultuous, has (somehow) gotten worse throughout the first six weeks of 2009. In the wake of Sunday's loss, Jim Zorn has been made to hand over over play-calling duties to Sherm Lewis, who has been with the team all of two weeks.

When Lewis was brought in as a "consultant" on October 6, it was read by many to be a dark harbinger for Zorn--and it almost surely was. Rather than making a decisive move, Redskins' brass has wallowed in indecision for most of the season, making what seems inevitable (Zorn's dismissal) all the more painful.

Players have blamed ownership, management, themselves, and global warming for their troubles, and no remedy is in sight. Jason Campbell, who was benched on Sunday, said as much in today's Washington Post.

"Right now, I can't tell you where the issues start at and what to do about them," Campbell said. "It's the most awkward position to be in as a team. We've all talked about it as teammates and we all can't put a finger on it. You can't point to any one person. Right now, it's just a crazy situation, a tough situation, and I don't think anyone knows how to fix it."

Well, it seems that a new head coach would be a good start. But you can't always get what you want, Redskins fans, particularly when Snyder is running the show in all his inept glory.

All of a sudden, 3-2 with Wade Phillips at the helm doesn't seem all that bad; hell, Jerry Jones looks like a football genius held up to Snyder. At this point, we almost feel sorry for the 'Skins...

Oh, never mind. It was just indigestion.