Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crayton receives support from teammates

Source: Forum: Cowboys

Tony Romo and Jason Witten were asked by media about Patrick Crayton's demotion from starting wide receiver in order to move Miles Austin into the starting lineup. Both teammates said Crayton will still have a huge role in the Cowboys offense, starter or backup.

"Patrick is a consummate professional, he understands and he's going to play a ton," said Romo. "To think that he's not going to be a major part of this offense is wrong. I think that Patrick will prepare like he always does, which is very diligently. He'll work hard and be ready to go."

"Patrick is a huge part of it," noted Witten. "You talk about the underneath stuff, Tony probably feels more confident with Patrick than he does anybody else. You're going to need Patrick. He's still a huge part of your team."

Romo was also asked if he believes the coaching staff made the right decision to move Austin up to the first team.

"Miles played a great game (in Kansas City)," replied Romo. "It's not for me to decide any of this stuff. It's for the head coach and coordinators to talk about. Those guys come up with those decisions...I have to get the guys the ball and let them make plays."