Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dallas Cowboys overtime win over winless Kansas City Chiefs sends message of doom to coaching staff

Dallas Cowboys Examiner
By Dan Telvock

The 26-20 overtime win Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys against the winless Kansas City Chiefs has piqued the interest of the team's hire and fire man, Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys almost beat themselves, and when that happens, you can almost always point the finger at the coaching staff.

Two lost fumbles and 13 penalties in one game shows that the coaching staff did not adequately prepare this team to win.

The only reason the Cowboys were able to pull a win out is because the Chiefs aren't a very good football team at all.

Oh, and Miles Austin and his Cowboys record 250 yards receiving may have had something to do with the victory, too.

As last season wrapped up, and the Cowboys were humiliated by division nemesis Philadelphia Eagles, coach Wade Phillips announced that big chances were going to take place in the offseason. One change was no more Camp Cupcake. Phillips said he was going to push the players more and put them in extreme. Sarcastically speaking, it has worked wonders.

Although the win Sunday showed a fighting spirit, it didn't have to be that close.

Linebacker Keith Brooking, who has become a veteran leader for the Cowboys summed it up well in this article.

Are the expectations in Dallas too high? Is winning not enough? Do the Cowboys need to blow out every team? Or can a win just be a win?

Brooking says when he was with the Atlanta Falcons, the focus was on winning games, not blowing out opponents with lopsided victories.

This is refreshing comments from a veteran linebacker who has stepped up big for the Cowboys so far this season.

The coaching staff needs to step it up or it will not be back next year. The Cowboys have to make the playoffs and win---and that's a fair expectation to have.