Thursday, October 15, 2009

DMN: Charles Haley helps DeMarcus Ware

By Todd Archer/Reporter

DeMarcus Ware had his first two sacks of the season last Sunday at Kansas City. Any coincidence that they came after a quick tutorial from Charles Haley?

I'll have a story up later about Ware's work with Haley the last two weeks at Valley Ranch. The biggest thing Haley told him was to change up his rushes. Mostly known for his speed, Ware went inside using power for his sacks against the Chiefs.

"You've got some person you can talk to who is one of the best to play the position," Ware said. "Being able to get a one-on-one pass rushing class is good."

Haley even managed to throw some moves on Ware.

"He still has something," Ware said. "He chopped my arm once and I was like, 'Man, you still got it, don't you? Don't take it out on me.'"