Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Does Dallas' Roy Williams Need To Be Demoted?

by Derek Major Derek MajorContributor

Two weeks after Miles Austin's record setting game against the Chiefs, head coach Wade Phillips promoted Austin into the second receiver spot and demoted Patrick Crayton to the third receiver spot.

But did Phillips demote the wrong receiver?

Since Cowboys owner Jerry Jones traded for Roy Williams, he's done nothing but underachieve. Williams used to make catches like this every once in a while if nothing else, but not anymore. Instead, he just drops passes or doesn't even get targeted by Tony Romo.

During the preseason many analysts said that Romo and Williams need to develop some chemistry, but that hasn't happened yet. Williams is fourth on the Cowboys in yards, hasn't had a TD since week 1 and running back Tashard Choice has more receptions than Williams.

Since Williams joined the Cowboys he's played 17 games caught 31 passes for 428 yards and two TD's.

In the last two games, Austin has 16 catches for 421 and four TD's. Now I'll be the first to admit that Austin's last two games were fantastic, but that's what happens when a receiver does his job.

Williams has been called out on NFL Network's Playbook and ESPN's NFL Live as being lazy in and out of his breaks and waiting for the ball to get to him instead of going after it.

Williams was targeted five times in Sunday's game against the Falcons but only caught one pass for 15 yards, and dropped two passes. One drop came on third down of the first possession for the Cowboys and Williams' drop forced them to punt.

Meanwhile, Crayton hasn't been great but his demotion motivated him. He had just two catches for nine yards but made the most of it with a TD and a punt return for a TD. He's also third on the team in catches and yards.

Crayton also had something to say after Sunday's game.

"There you go," Crayton said of winning the punt return job back by default last week. "I've been dealing with that my whole career. He can't get it done. He's too slow. He can't run. He ain't fast. He ain't a deep threat. We've got him back there to catch punt returns because he can catch them. Not really to score, just to catch them. Good. I appreciate that."

Crayton is the type of guy who lets criticism motivate him, He wasn't upset at all by the demotion at punt returner or wide receiver, instead he just went out and did his job.

Despite all of this evidence, Williams won't get demoted no matter what and the reason is simple; Wade Phillips.

Jerry Jones owns Phillips, and Jones doesn't want to admit that Williams has been a disappointment since he got to Dallas, and in a contract year, Phillips won't go against Jones.

Jones said on his radio show last week, "I'm glad we got him because we got where we want to be - a young wide receiver in Miles Austin on the way up and a chance to stretch the field, and then Roy Williams as your No.1 receiver with a chance to have a great year because of how hard he's been working."

Williams either has Jones deceived or Jones simply won't admit his mistake considering he has Williams locked up for another four years. Right now, Williams' isn't a No. 1 receiver; he hasn't been since the day Calvin Johnson was drafted.

Williams needs to be demoted, simply because Romo barely looks at him. At some point Austin's production will slow down, and Romo will have to look at his tight ends a lot more without another receiver able to get open.