Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jones Responds To Smith's Complaints

By Scott Crisp

Falcons' head coach Mike Smith caused a mini-stir of sorts on Sunday when, during Fox's telecast, he was seen screaming furiously and incredulously at an official about the sun seeping into the Cowboys Stadium from the visitor's endzone. (Damn you, Helios!)

The complaint, of course, was that the sun was a hindrance to the struggling Falcons. Troy Aikman, during the telecast, said that the stadium had a curtain to remedy such situations, and expressed confusion as to why it wasn't used.

For Jerry Jones, these complaints are about as moving as a damp washcloth. The owner, on 105.3 The Fan this morning, kind predictably said that the sun not only was not a problem, but that its presence was by design.

"Our stadium was built to maximize the sunlight coming into it in every direction, that's the way it was built, that's why it's a three million square foot building, yet the light is terrific in there," Jones said on Tuesday. "So anything we do with curtains has more to do with other events that need to be dark in case you still have the light of the day at a six or seven PM event, but not for football."

Jones went on to assert, in not so many words, that the team didn't have to do a damn thing, if they so chose, downplaying Smith's complaints.

"That's our decision," Jones said. "We had an option that we could have used as home field, but that would've had to be done at the half, so [Smith] was probably asking about that."