Monday, October 12, 2009

Rodney Harrison says Cowboys are not a well coached team! Agrees with fans on coaching

NBC's Rodney Harrison may be the first network type to say what a lot of you are thinking: The Cowboys are not a well-coached team

By Barry Horn/Reporter

NBC may soon be mourning the Cowboys' season. After all, the Cowboys are scheduled for two more Sunday Night appearances -- vs. Philadelphia and vs. Washington -- and they didn't exactly overwhelm the lowly Chiefs.

NBC's own experts weren't exactly crowing over the Cowboys yesterday.

Rodney Harrison, the ex-Pat and Chargers DB: "I don't like their chances. I think they think they are better than they are. They're too inconsistent and not a well coached team. I don't believe in this team."

Tony Dungy, the ex-Colts coach, did not go quite so far: "Right now they are not a playoff-type team. You can beat the Kansas City's of the world like this but to win the NFC East they are going to have to play much better."

Al Michaels, the crafty veteran, offered a more old-school analysis of the Cowboys situation: He called the Cowboys OT win over the win-less Chiefs: "A very important and dramatic win for those guys. Romo needed a game like that. Wade Phillips needed a game like that."