Sunday, October 11, 2009

What's wrong with the Cowboys and Tony Romo?

NFL on FOX: 5 questions with Daryl Johnston
Daryl "Moose" Johnston

Moose: "Entering the season, I thought if Dallas became more balanced on offense that they had a great chance to be successful this season. But if they started throwing it 35-40 times a game, it was going to be tough for them.

The Week 2 loss to the Giants is a perfect example in a microcosm. The Cowboys run for 250 yards, but all the big mistakes come in the passing game. Last week in Denver they had 42 throws; I think they ran the ball only seven times in the second half. They have spurts like that where all of a sudden the running game just disappears. And not because it was being shutdown, it's just that they get away from it.

But I also agree with the comment that Tony Dorsett made in regards to Tony Romo. I mean, who anointed this guy? I don't think he's earned the right to be compared to Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. And, yet, from his first season that's the class he was put into. He made the Pro Bowl with only 10 starts. Yes, he had a lot of success when it came to throwing for touchdowns, but he's also had his fair share of adversity.

Dorsett's comment, I thought, was a great perspective. Why has everybody, not just here in Dallas, but nationally put Tony Romo on a pedestal when he really hasn't accomplished anything? I mean, when you are a quarterback, it's all about winning playoff games and championships. And he hasn't been able to accomplish that yet.

I do think he can turn it around. I know that he is extremely competitive. I have read that when he's around great athletes, say like playing a round of golf with Tiger Woods, he's always asking questions and looking for answers. I don't think he presses; I think it's more that he has confidence that he can make a play. Don't forget that his idol is Brett Favre. There are going to be instances when Romo makes some Favre-like decisions. Brett was a very high-risk, high-reward type player. And at times Tony has a little bit of that in him.