Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Romo is now in the top 5 in all-time in Yards per Attempt

LINK: http://www.nflstatanalysis.net/2009/10/rank-player-rating-movement-from-week-6.html

•Not only did Tony Romo justify his lofty spot in my rankings, but, he actually moved up one spot to the number 3 spot following a big day (9.6 Y/A) against the Falcons.

◦Tony Romo gets a good amount of criticism - is it all unwarranted? According to ColdHardFootballFacts, Tony Romo is now in the top 5 in all-time Y/A. In fact, among the top 5, only Romo and Steve Young have played since 1960. These are some pretty impressive stats for a guy who catches a lot of grief.