Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 11 power rankings: NFC East

By Matt MosleyAbout 45 minutes ago, the ESPN.com Week 11 Power Rankings were released to the world. After taking a minute to peruse the rankings, it's time to discuss how NFC East teams continue to plummet -- and deservedly so. All we can do is try to hold onto the memories of the the early weeks, when the Giants and Eagles were beating up on a soft schedule. Here's how the Beast teams finished this week:

10. Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys only dropped two spots after a road loss to the Packers. Either the voters think Sunday's performance by Dallas was an aberration or they think the Packers are about to make a run.

12. Philadelphia Eagles -- The Eagles only dropped one spot in the rankings from last week. I think that says more about the staggering amount of mediocre teams in the league than it does the voters' faith in the Eagles.

16. New York Giants -- The Giants had a strong bye week with the Cowboys and Eagles losing, but the voters went ahead and dropped them another spot. They will play a Falcons team that dropped a whopping five spots in the rankings to No. 14 overall.

24. Washington Redskins -- The win over the Broncos moved the Skins up two spots, which is about right. I thought they were too high at No. 26, but they deserved a bump after the impressive win. If they beat the Cowboys on Sunday, they'll make a serious move in the rankings.

We'll return in a little while to talk about how the NFC East stacks up with the other divisions.