Thursday, February 11, 2010

"I Want To Be In Dallas:" Choice

By Scott Crisp

Amid rumors suggestive of a deal that would send running back Tashard Choice to San Diego in exchange for cornerback Antonio Cromartie--rumors that have since been more or less debunked--the Cowboys' runner made clear his wishes to remain a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

"I thought [San Diego] was where I was going when I came out [of the draft]," Choice said, per the Dallas Morning News. "You never know, man. I want to be in Dallas. It's a great place. I really want to be here. Of course I want to run the ball more and contribute, but it's a tough situation. All those guys can play. I love those two boys (Marion Barber and Felix Jones) to death."

There are few (if any) Cowboys fans who would argue that Choice doesn't deserve a greater role; in limited time--and mostly out of pure necessity--Choice has stepped in and performed like a capable NFL starter. But how to get him an increased load represents something of a conundrum for Dallas, with the explosive Felix Jones and the still (at times, at least) effective Marion Barber ahead of him on the depth chart.

But the very natural desire for more carries, Choice said, hasn't affected his relationship with his running mates.

"We're always our best fans," Choice said. "We want each other to do well. It's never anything between us. All three of us want to run the ball and we all can run the ball. We don't care if we share it. We just want to run the ball more as a team. If they put the ball in our hands, we can make it happen. That's how I feel."