Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Opinion: First of many...

The Landry Hat
By Joe D.

Despite the Cowboys having won their first playoff game in 13 years, there will still be a contingent of fans who believe that Tony Romo is unable to play consistent turnover free football in the playoffs. Consequently, the Cowboys will be relegated to the also rans, a title that 31 teams share every year.

But don’t worry, Romo is young, he’s still growing as a QB, and he will continue to develop a rapport with the players surrounding him. Maybe most of this is true, but Romo is 29 and in April he will be the ripe old age of 30. Sure he plays with a “Favre-ian” abandon, but Favre is one of the great exceptions to the rule of QB.

For running backs the line of demarcation is 30; the line for QB’s is a bit hazy. Few QB’s play at a high level late into their 30’s, especially behind a suspect offensive line. While it is just conjecture, the Cowboys’s offensive line, as presently constituted, may have another 2 years, though many agree that it needs an immediate overhaul. Developing an offensive line isn’t like setting a Madden roster – there is a silent communication developed over countless hours of practice. Maybe Free replaces Columbo, we trade up to draft a left tackle, and we replace Kosier with Brewster or a 2nd tier free agent.

What does all of this mean? It means that you should gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Romo is 30 next year and may play behind the same offensive line that had him running for his life against Denver, Green Bay, and Minnesota. The following year, Romo is 31 and while no one predicts the entire season will be lost, a lockout (or even replacement players) certainly can affect whether a team will make the playoffs. 2012 arrives, Romo is 33 and the Cowboys are 13-2 entering the final week of the season, and the Mayans were right. Not only is my front yard on fire, but I can’t get a DirecTv signal. As a quick side note, my 2010 calendar only has 12 months on it? I wonder if stupid people believe the world will be coming to an end annually?

The point is, and yes there is a point, Romo has another 6 or so good years remaining, and to waste those years behind a suspect and rebuilding offensive line would just be heartbreaking. Unless you are 13, we all remember the post-Aikman “ERROR”. Maybe Romo isn’t your preferred QB, but how can you not be content with 10+ wins per year, playoff appearances and victories, and maybe even a trip to the Super Bowl?

We all better hope that Dallas’s next QB is in high school worrying about choosing the right zit cream. Would it be too greedy to ask that the next Cowboys’ QB be in junior high with a cracking voice?