Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Jones' "Get Tough" Plan Doesn't Extend To Roy Williams

By Scott Crisp

Many fans were full of rare praise for Jerry Jones over the weekend, when, aboard his (probably palatial) bus at the Combine in Indy, the owner delivered a screed against complacency. "I want our players to be nervous," Jones said. Like most fans and observers, we liked the din of the remarks. A first round playoff win isn't enough--not in Dallas, and certainly not after a 34-3 whipping in the second round--and Jerry seemed to have a firm grasp on the sort of climate that would precipitate further success.

It is a climate of furious internal competition, where essentially no one can take their role for granted; it is a climate of perpetual evolution beginning this off-season, after which, Jones says, he wouldn't be surprised to see "10 or 11" new faces in Dallas; it is a climate, apparently, that doesn't apply to Roy Williams.

When asked if the impending "changes" might affect Roy Williams' role as a starter, Jones said, "a big no."

"I'm optimistic about Roy Williams," Jones said, per the Dallas Morning News. "We've got to do some things to help Roy, to help his game. We've got to do some things with the way we get him the ball to enhance his game. We're going to do that."

What's remarkable is not that this statement is contradictory of Wade Phillips' remarks last week--Wade said, "We are going to play the best player, no matter what," in response to a question about Williams on Friday--but that it seems painfully contradictory of his own, earlier statement.

So, judging by the two differing remarks, we can gather this: If you are a Dallas Cowboy, you'll have to earn your playing time in 2010; that is, unless Mr. Jones overpaid for you, in which case you'll be suited up and starting, as said owner crosses his fingers and hopes against hope that he'll see some sort of return on his ill-advised investment.

Now if only we could fit that onto a motivational poster.