Saturday, May 08, 2010

2010 NFC East Division Predictions; NFL Picks

Michael Luchies

Dallas Cowboys 10-6
The Eagles gave away their chance at a division title with the trade of Donovan McNabb. The Cowboys have the opportunity to capitalize and take the division crown. The Cowboys have a scary receiving core that is capable of giving Romo career numbers in Dez Bryant can show his abilities that he has displayed at Oklahoma State. Rookie linebacker Sean Lee should give the Boys' defense a lift, although they should have helped out Romo by picking an offensive lineman. I do not like all of the Cowboys moves, and think they have a lot of room to improve, but with all of the shaking up in the NFC East, I like them to win the division.

Philadelphia Eagles 9-7
The Eagles had a chance to do something great in 2010, and threw it down the drain. I am a fan of Kolb and the potential quarterback that he might become. The problem is that the Eagles have the talent in place to make a serious playoff run and a push to make the Superbowl and do not have the time to go through growing pains with an inexperienced quarterback. Kolb has showed promise, but career stats of 12 games with a 60.8% completion rate and 4 touchdowns to 7 interceptions is not enough evidence to hand him the keys to a brand new Ferrari after just acquiring a drivers license. The Eagles are way too good to dip under .500, and will most likely still be a playoff team, just not a contender to make a Super Bowl run.

New York Giants 8-8
The Giants look like a very common team in 2010. Good offensive talent and an average defense (15th ranked pass defense, 14th rushing defense) are not good enough to make the playoffs this year in the NFC. Eli and the Giants receiving core will put up points, but if Jacobs can't stay healthy you can "forgettaboutit". The Giants haven't improved enough over the offseason to contend, but I won't be surprised if they end up 9-7 and just make the playoffs.

Washington Redskins 6-10
Despite all of the newly found hype for the Redskins, I am skeptical of McNabb turning around all of the problems that the Redskins have into strengths. The Redskins had a marginal draft with only one pick in the first three rounds. Trent Williams is a very good addition to a struggling offensive line that desperately needs his services. The Redskins simply have two many holes on both sides of the ball to make the playoffs, that and an angry Haynesworth who may refuse to play or demand a trade.