Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dallas Cowboys need Matt Stover or Adam Vinatieri

Dallas Cowboys Examiner
by Dan Telvock

I believe teams with good field goal kickers are generally better than team that do not have a good field goal kicker.

Right now, the Dallas Cowboys don't have a field goal kicker with as much experience and success as free agent kicker Matt Stover.

Right now, David Buehler is the guy who has the starting slot. He hasn't kicked field goals for a living in years.

Stover isn't kicking 50-yard bombs anymore, but he is serviceable from 47 yards out, which is all the Cowboys need. He made nine of 11 field goals last season in 10 games with the Colts. For the past two seasons, Stover has made 81.8 percent of his field goal kicks.

Adam Vinatieri, who Stover beats in accuracy, is another guy the Cowboys could try to get.

Who Todd Archer says might be vulnerable in Indianapolis because of his age, price and roster flexibility. Archer says that Vinatieri would have to make far less than the $2 million he is owed by the Colts, a possible hindrance for him. What is special about Vinatieri is he is still able to kick from 50 yards. He also has booted numerous field goals that won games, including a Super Bowl. Vinatieri may go down as one of the best, if not the best, clutch kickers in the NFL.

Either Stover or Vinatieri would be immediately placed with a Super Bowl-caliber team if they came to Dallas. That's not a hindrance; that's a dream.

A disaster awaits the Cowboys if team executives continue to ignore the fact that a good field goal kicker is necessary to make a run for the Super Bowl.