Monday, May 17, 2010

Dez Bryant in awe of Tony Romo, kind of

Todd Archer / Reporter

Dez Bryant made a good first impression in his first full-workout with the Cowboys during Monday's OTA at Valley Ranch. On one of the first passes he caught from Tony Romo in one-on-one drills, he out-jumped Mike Jenkins for the reception.

Later, Romo discussed a play with Bryant during a short break.

"And I really didn't care about the play," Bryant said. "I was excited just because he was talking to me. It made me feel good."

Knowing where Romo's career started it's funny to hear a first-round pick like Bryant be in awe of the quarterback. And don't take the first part of the quote too literally if you're going to parse his words.

But that aforementioned catch caught Romo's attention, too.

"The thing about it is it's easy if you just stood back there and threw the ball," Romo said. "But there's people around you so sometimes you have to avoid a hand to throw a ball. Sometimes you have to throw through a window. Sometimes you can't see, so you're guessing [where] the ball's going to be. The receivers have to have the ability adjust if you're going to play at a high level. That's part of playing the position."

While Romo liked what he saw from Bryant in their first work together, he said there is a long way to go.

"It's a process and it's about improving," Romo said. "And young guys it sometimes takes a little bit to get adjusted to press [coverage], different things in the NFL, route adjustments. I'll be interested to see all that as it gets forward, we're just starting the process now."