Sunday, May 23, 2010

USA Today: Dallas Cowboys Team Report

When Roy Williams was guaranteed a starting job in February by team owner Jerry Jones, it was assumed that Williams was getting a free pass and wasn't being held accountable.
At the time, Jones knew that Williams was getting beat up far and wide by fans and the media for a subpar season so he didn't need to beat him up anymore.

He was trying to support him.

Still, Jones rendered any questions of a free pass for Williams moot when he picked Dez Bryant in the first round of the NFL draft.

If there were any concerns about Williams being properly motivated to get his act together, there are none now.

Williams said he is ready for any and all challenges.

"I'm in it to win it. If somebody can pull in here and take my spot, they've got to be a baaaad man," Williams said with emphasis. "It's mine to lose, I guess you can say. I'm not going to do that. The competition level is going to be high."

Williams backed up his words during the first week of OTAs. He is in great shape. He was making great coaches and showing an improved chemistry with quarterback Tony Romo.

"He is in good shape, he's running good routes, he's doing good things," Romo said.

Said cornerback Mike Jenkins: "Roy came out on fire. That's the best I've seen Roy since he got here. He looked like a No. 1 receiver."

Dropped passes and a lack of production were part of Williams disappointing 2009 season. He understands why the fans are down on him. He has resolved to change that.

"I promise you I won't lead the league in drops. I know that," Williams said. "People are off my bandwagon, which I don't mind. I'd be off my bandwagon, too."

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett has certainly taken notice.

"His weight's really good, he looks quick and explosive, he's going to get the ball," Garrett said. "Like with everybody, it's a process that you're always trying to improve each and every day and it goes to your approach. And his approach has been outstanding."