Monday, October 31, 2005

DALLAS COWBOYS: Contender or Pretender?

A Segment just aired on ESPN with Ron Jaworski and Eric Allen both picking the Cowboys as a Contender and Jaws picking us to go to the Super Bowl. Allen said we are a solid team in all Areas. BTW, They both said the Redskins were pretenders!.

ESPN Insider analysis Joe Theismann on Dallas Cowboys

This is from his ESPN Insider analysis of the NFC East: Dallas Cowboys

So far this season, the Cowboys have shown they are one of the better teams in the league some weeks and one of the more mediocre teams in other weeks. It's interesting to see that from a Bill Parcells team, especially one he has put his stamp on pretty hard. This team has to start playing more consistently because it's extremely important for Dallas to start winning the games it has in hand. The Cowboys can't afford to cough up a game the way they did against the Seattle Seahawks earlier this season.The Cowboys have a strong team offensively and defensively and could very well be the best team in the division. They simply must become more consistent or they won't be the team some believed would win this division.

Our Next Three Games are TOUGH, but Winable

It is time to get off the tetter-totter and start string together some WINS. Obviously these next three games are MASSIVE. And we play them in the span of 11 days. I think if we get through this stretch 3-0 if we can evade injuries to key players. I think we can do that and here's why:

1) This is the pivotal game. We have two weeks to prepare for Philly and get healthy. Considering Philly will be coming off the road after playing a tough divisional game against the skins, they should be ripe for the pickin'. Wheather they beat Washington or not they will be emotional drained. We have already lost one Monday night game this year and I strongly doubt that we will lose two. I think we beat the Eagles in two weeks, because they have not fixed their problems (running game) during the bye.

2) Detroit is obviously not playing good football right now. This game could be the "trap" game in between the two biggies during this three game span. We should be able to beat the Lions regardless.

3) This is the icing on the cake. Denver is going to be a dogfight anyway you look at it. They are a complete team and have played well against some great teams. We are on a short week, but so are they...and at least we get to stay at home and prepare instead of having to go on the road. They will not roll over after taking a hard punch so we have to be on our "p"s and "q"s on both offense and defense.

We've won or had the chance to win every game we've played this year...this one will be no different. I think we have a very good chance to go 3-0 and things will be looking outstanding for us. Here's to hoping...that we continue tracking with the 1996 Patriots.

Dallas Cowboys Henry to Use Bye Week to Recover

KFFL reports:
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:39:18 -0800

Dallas Cowboys CB Anthony Henry (shoulder, groin) will use the Bye week to recover. Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells did not think Henry's injuries were too serious.

J. Jones to Use Bye Week to Recover

KFFL reports:
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:39:17 -0800

Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones (ankle) missed his third straight game Sunday, Oct. 30. Jones will use the Bye week to come back, but it's questionable if he will be close to 100 percent this season.

Jimmy Johnson Article about the Dallas Cowboys

By Jimmy
Look out for Dallas

TIDBIT: Their defense has beaten some very good offenses; they should have beaten Seattle in Seattle. What's really impressive is that they are winning with players who most said had their best days behind them. Drew Bledsoe, Keyshawn Johnson and Terry Glenn — they are all having as good a year as they've ever had.

The reason it is working is because Parcells knows them as individuals. Unlike some other coaches, he knows what they are good at. He's not trying to have Terry Glenn run across the middle. He's not trying to have Keyshawn go deep. He's not asking Drew Bledsoe to be throwing all the time where he has the chance to get killed. He knows what these players are good at.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Barber finally earns his pay

This game Barber did not only put up stats like he did against Seattle. He actually scored two TDs which contributed to a Cowboy win. Like Parcells has said before, for every 100 yards PRODUCED there should be 7 points on the score board.


2005 Dallas Cowboys still tracking with 1996 Patriots

I said it once, I will say it again. The 2005 Cowboys are tracking with the 1996 Patriots.

The Patriots were 5-3 at this point of the season, and so are the boys. The 1996 Pats made their four game run starting with this game starting with game 8 which launched them into the playoffs.

Who knows, but some say history repeats itself.

Al Singleton broke his collarbone and is out for the season

Singleton Breaks Clavicle
Sun, 30 Oct 2005 16:58:42 -0800

ESPN reports Dallas Cowboys LB Al Singleton (clavicle) suffered a broken collarbone during Week 8. He is out indefinitely.

Hopefully Scott Fujitta can step up and fill in the gap.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

BIG PICTURE: It's time to make a run

Taking a look at several segimented portions of the remaining games this season, I have concluded that the time is right to make a run and take advantage of our home game stretches:

NOW: The Cowboys next 3 out of 4 games are at home: We need to win to find a way to take advantage of this span of games. (3-1 or better)


THEN AFTER THE PHILLY GAME: The Cowboys next 3 out of 4 games are at home: We need to win to find a way to take advantage of this span of games. (3-1 or better)

@ N.Y. Giants

THEN AFTER THE N.Y. GIANTS GAME: The Cowboys next 3 out of 4 games are away: These are going to be some tough games away. (2-2 or better)

@ N.Y. Giants

Adams to Have Surgery Next Week

KFFL reports:

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 17:46:18 -0700
Erin Bolen, of, reports Dallas Cowboys OT Flozell Adams (knee) will have surgery Tuesday, Nov. 1, to repair a torn ACL in his right knee.

The "D" coming together for the Cowboys

Posted: October 25, 2005
Sporting News

TIDBIT: Much has changed about the Cowboys' defense. The scheme. The players. And especially the idea. "Our mentality is different," Glover says. "Instead of being a type of bend-but-don't-break defense, we're now trying to put the game on our shoulders and accepting the challenges."

A sophisticated pressure package has created uncertainty for offenses. The Cowboys will send eight on one possession, as they did when cornerback Terence Newman sacked Philadelphia's Donovan McNabb in Week 5. On another possession, they might line up seven players near the line and send only three.

The point is offenses never know what to expect. "They keep you off-balance; they move guys around a lot," Seahawks fullback Mack Strong said after running back Shaun Alexander was held to 61 yards on 21 carries. "They make it extremely hard for you to run the football. A lot of times you'd be expecting one thing and they'd give you something else."

Aikman is a likely finalist

SStar-Telegram Staff Writer

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is among the 112 former players, coaches and contributors on the Pro Football Hall of Fame's preliminary list of modern-era candidates.Aikman, who is in his first year of eligibility, is expected to join ex-Cowboys Michael Irvin and Rayfield Wright among the 15 finalists. Irvin, in his first year of eligibility, made the last cut in February and thus automatically will join Wright as a finalist, as will New York Giants linebacker Harry Carson.

Friday, October 28, 2005

TIDBIT: Cowboys are still in fine shape

By Rich Eisen Special to

TIDBIT: When it's all said and done, seven weeks in, the Cowboys are still in fine shape, having stifled the league's leading offenses in back-to-back weeks. They're 4-3 with an upcoming home game with Arizona before a nice restful preparatory bye-week prior to the true test of their mettle: at Philadelphia on Monday Night Football. If they win that, they could be 6-3 and headed home with the season tiebreaker over Philly in their back pockets for two straight in Irving -- with Detroit and the Thanksgiving Day contest with Denver. But, from here on out, it would behoove Dallas to button things up in the final throes of a contest. Being aggressive on offense when opportunities present themselves would help. It's a running theme, isn't it?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

RECAP: Glover Interview on Total Access

Many thanks to Woodygirl in a sport forum:

Interview Recap

Eisen: 4th quarter collapses?
Glover: We're a .500 team when the game comes down to the 4th quarter. We are what we are. A 4-3 team.

Eisen: BP discuss the collapses with the team?
Glover: No. Just button up and move on

Eisen: What do you do to prevent them?
Glover: (A lil frustration in his tone) We're a big play away from being 6-1 (or something like that). We make that one stop. We don't make the penalties. We make the big play. We don't make turnovers. We don't miss field goals. We make plays your supposed to make and you have different results.

Eisen: Talk about the O-line
Glover: Think it's solid. Tucker is playing solid. The rookie Petitti is struggling a little bit, but he's playing good football. ~Started joking with Lincoln about coming back. Still think he has some juice left. Said he wouldn't have to pass the conditioning test. Lincoln responds that you know you can't play for Parcells unless you pass the conditioning test.~

Eisen: Talk about Julius
Glover: Julius is coming along. Trying to bank on what happened last year. Maybe catch lightning in the bottle again. No idea on his status. Wouldn't tell you if I did.

Eisen: Talk about Ware and Spears
Glover: Ware's a natural. Does things you just don't see everyday. He's going to struggle sometimes. Going to struggle with complicated calls, etc. We told him, if all else fails, rush the QB. Spears started off slow, because of the injury back in training camp. He's starting to do some good thing. I try to help him more on his pass rushing ability. Work with him on how to separate from the o-lineman, how to use his hands.

Eisen: Talk about the Defense
Glover: We're as good as we wanna be. As good as we prepare, and good as something else (missed that). It's too soon to tell how good we are right now. Should know by weeks 10, 11, & 12 how good we are. If we're top 5, then that'll be a huge indication.

Eisen: Tough division. Cards coming up. Trying not to look past them?Lincoln?: You can try, but it's the Cards
Glover: Two good WRs. (Swear it was like listening to BP at this point) Best WR tandem in the league. Did you know they average over 20 catches of 20-30 yards collectively. We gotta be prepared for them.

Eisen: Talk about Parcells. He ever happy?
Glover: Parcell's in honory(sp?). He's never happy. He's demanding. He demands alot of his players. He's very focused.

Eisen: What's one thing that Parcells always tell you?
Glover: Never leave a stone your preparation, in your film study. Try to find an edge on your opponent.

Witten accepts limited role

by Fanball Staff -

Thursday, October 27, 2005NewsWith left tackle Flozell Adams out for the season, the Cowboys have asked tight end Jason Witten to help out more on the offensive line. "If we pass it 25 times, usually I'm going out on 22 [pass] routes," Witten told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "Now, if we're trying 25 passes, it's 12 or 15. It's a different role for me, and I have to accept it." He caught only two passes in Sunday's loss to the Seahawks. "It's totally different," he continued. "Now you are protecting and helping block. It's another body on those guys. It's not always a double team. It's, 'Chip this guy, watch this guy and then get out [into a pattern].'"ViewsFantasy owners hate hearing such news, but we saw the fallout of the Flozell injury this past Sunday. The Cowboys packed in their offense and tallied a season-low 275 yards. Witten and fellow tight end Dan Campbell need to help out shaky left tackle Torrin Tucker and rookie right tackle Rob Petitti, and that fact is unlikely to change when the Cardinals bring Bert Berry and Chike Okeafor to town on Sunday.

Interest growing in Cundiff Clayton blog:

Former Cowboys kicker Billy Cundiff is healthy again and getting a lot of interest from teams. He suffered a Grade Two quad injury this summer and ended up getting waived injured by the Cowboys. He was released Aug. 26. Cundiff took an extra two weeks to rehab and get healthy from the injury. Redskins kicker John Hall suffered a similar injury and is still struggling to get healthy. It's not out of the question for the Cowboys to bring him back by Week 10. Players waived by a team while injured can't return to that team for 10 weeks. The Cowboys released Jose Cortez and have no idea how Shaun Suisham will do. The problem for the Cowboys is some team might sign Cundiff before then if he does well in tryouts. Cundiff notified teams this week that he's available for workouts.

Bledsoe Went To Parcells Office And Asked Him To "Free" The Offense

Per 103.3 ESPN:

Just heard Jennifer Engal on ESPN 103.3 say that Bledsoe went to Parcells office yesterday and asked him to please free up the offense and let them start throwing the ball. John Clayton was also on the air and said that he liked Bledsoe doing that but feels that with the O-tackle situation that the offense will remain conservative.

Ratliff Might be Active Week 8

KFFL reports:

Wed, 26 Oct 2005 19:51:32 -0700 Rob Phillips, of, reports Dallas Cowboys DL Jay Ratliff might be active in place of DL Kenyon Coleman for Week 8. Ratliff has a half-sack in two of the three games he's been active and head coach Bill Parcells might want him in the game against the Arizona Cardinals pass-oriented offense.

QB Bledsoe is trying to get a grip on bad snaps


TIDBIT: Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe has a problem that he's never had in his 13-year career.The simple snap exchange between quarterback and center has become a glaring and almost weekly problem. Bledsoe has fumbled five snaps in seven games."It's something that's completely unacceptable," Bledsoe said. "And it's something that can't be a problem for us going forward from here. It's simply something that can't happen anymore."Bledsoe lost a snap in the first quarter at Seattle and running back Anthony Thomas saved the miscue by recovering the ball for a 5-yard loss on first down. Still, the mishap derailed the opening series.Center Al Johnson took blame for the problem Sunday at rainy Seattle. He lost grip of the slippery ball that Bledsoe barely handled. It forced Johnson to ask for a dry ball every two plays.In the season opener, Bledsoe and Johnson bungled a snap in the Cowboys' opening drive that led to a San Diego touchdown.With the offense having problems scoring, especially in the red zone, a flawless exchange is a must."It's something we have to get taken care of immediately," Bledsoe said.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jim Mora Sr.: Defense could carry Cowboys to the Superbowl


Jim Mora senior has been riding our team all year long. He has a show on NFL Network on Monday and Wednesdays called CoachSpeak and CoachSpeak Plus. Today he said he thought we were the BEST team in the Division, slightly above the Redskins. He thinks the Eagles are going to tire down, and defenses will have an easy time containing their offense with no running game.

He has been giving us respect all year, and today he even said if we play up to our potential, our defense could carry us to the Superbowl. He said he expects Dallas to string some things together starting this weekend against Arizona.

Cowboys | Barber Likely to Start

KFFL reports:

Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:18:22 -0700
Dallas Cowboys rookie RB Marion Barber is expected to handle the bulk of the workload again during Week 8.

Cowboys Jones Unlikely to Play
Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:20:00 -0700

Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones (ankle) was on the field Wednesday, Oct. 26, going through rehab drills with resistance training. However, it appears he will not play for a third straight game due to an injured left ankle. He will use the Bye Week to get closer to 100 percent for the team's Nov. 14 game against the Eagles.

Aikman Efficiency Ratings after week 7

Aikman Efficiency Ratings/Offense:
1. Seattle
6. Washington
9. N.Y. Giants
15. Dallas
16. Philadelphia
32. Arizona

Aikman Efficiency Ratings/Defense
1. Chicago
4. Dallas
9. Philadelphia
12. Arizona
18. Washington
20. N.Y. Giants

What do you think?

Parcells on the Importance of this week

PARCELLS: I told the team that I think it’s a very, very important time for us right now. I mentioned it after the game. Mentioned it Monday. Re-iterated it today. I’m trying to get everyone in the right frame of mind to respond. I can’t tell you they will. This team hasn’t been in this position before. When you start the first month, you’re just kind of going along. Now we’re fighting to get in position. We don’t need any help to get in position, we have as many wins as anyone else in the division. But we need to get in the first half of the season on the plus side. Rest up a little bit and get ready for the 2nd half.

Who will you root for on Sunday?

The Giants or the Redskins?

Cowboys are still in fine shape

By Rich Eisen Special to

TIDBIT: When it's all said and done, seven weeks in, the Cowboys are still in fine shape, having stifled the league's leading offenses in back-to-back weeks. They're 4-3 with an upcoming home game with Arizona before a nice restful preparatory bye-week prior to the true test of their mettle: at Philadelphia on Monday Night Football. If they win that, they could be 6-3 and headed home with the season tiebreaker over Philly in their back pockets for two straight in Irving -- with Detroit and the Thanksgiving Day contest with Denver. But, from here on out, it would behoove Dallas to button things up in the final throes of a contest. Being aggressive on offense when opportunities present themselves would help. It's a running theme, isn't it?

Parcells Pleased with Price

KFFL reports: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 20:15:16 -0700

Todd Archer, of the Dallas Morning News, reports Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells was pleased with what he saw from WR Peerless Price against Seattle, and he wants to see more of him in the future. During the team's Week 7 game, Price caught one pass for 19 yards and had one run for nine yards. "I think it was probably not as many opportunities as he'll get as we go on," Parcells said.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why can't this team win consistently?

When recently asked why this team cannot win the close games like this he said something to the effect of "Maybe we are not yet good enough to create the separation". Maybe this is more true than we would all like to admit. Make no mistakes, this team is improved BIG TIME. But perhaps this year we have just finally reached a level of play where we can compete with just about anyone, but not quite to the level where we can WIN against just about anyone? Maybe ...just maybe that will be next year with a few more key additions such as some more OL help, some more secondary (safety) help. Maybe another WR or such. Maybe THEN we can get good enough to not only compete but also WIN most of these types of games.


Three young QB's available for trade this off-season

Interesting QB quote from Ed Werder on ESPN 103-Dallas... Three young QB's may possibly be available after the season for trade: Dante' Culpepper, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Schaub. Dallas should be and would likely be aggressive in obtaining one of those players.

The Cowboys are Interested in Freddie Mitchell

KFFL reports:

Dylan B. Tomlinson, of, reports the Dallas Cowboys have expressed interest in free agent WR Freddie Mitchell (Chiefs), according to Mitchell's agent, Matt Couloute.

Sharpe Edge: You have to go for the kill

By Shannon Sharpe Special to

I honestly don't expect Philadelphia to win many more games. The Eagles have no running game at all and the defense simply cannot possibly play that well every week. Donovan McNabb is not his usual self. That means the team to beat in the NFC East is Washington. Yes, the Washington Redskins.

No second guess from Jerry

Taken from the Startelegram:

So there we were Sunday afternoon, Jerry Jones and myself, having a post-game discussion in the visitors locker room in Seattle.
Actual conversation:
Me: "Big Bill screwed up this game, Jerry. The offensive game plan and/or play-calling was right out of the Quincy Carter
bus-driving-quarterback handbook. Why would Bill do that to Bledsoe? Bledsoe deserves more respect than that.
Jerry: "You're wrong. The game plan for today was the right game plan. I've got no second-guess of Bill or the offensive staff."

Then Jones paused, managed a smile, and added ...
"But it took me a good 20 minutes after the game before I finally decided that, yes, I liked the offensive game plan."
Bet you he didn't. Bet you big, he didn't. But Jerry was smart in not turning it into a stink, although from a selfish media standpoint, I wish he had.

Parcells Concerned about Jones' Durability

KFFL reports:

, 24 Oct 2005 18:31:02 -0700
Matt Mosley, of the Dallas Morning News, reports
Dallas Cowboys head coach BPis sounding increasingly concerned about the durability of starting RB J.Jones(ankle). Parcells said Monday, Oct. 24, that he doubts Jones will play against the Cardinals Sunday, Oct. 30. "I think he's a good kid who works hard," Parcells said of Jones. "He trains hard. I think he's a good running back. But part of it is durability. That's the second critical factor for that position. Besides vision and instincts, that's the second critical factor. I'm not saying he's not durable. But I am concerned because next Sunday, if he misses that game, it'll be 11 1/2 games he's missed out of 24."

Was Drew's Bell Rung?

I mean on that play where he ran and tried to score a TD.Is it just me, or did he seem less accurate and to have less zip on the ball after that play?

Monday, October 24, 2005

2005 Cowboys are tracking with 1996 Patriots

Some say that history repeats itself. It just may. Take a look a how the 2005 Cowboys are tracking when compared to the 1996 New England Patriots.

Just may happen.

Texans unlikely to keep top pick

October 23, 2005- Newsday: "If Casserly stays and the Texans wind up with the first overall draft pick, it's believed Casserly would deal the pick to a team that is interested in USC quarterback Matt Leinart, the presumed No. 1 pick. Casserly is convinced that David Carr isn't the problem with the Texans' offense."

J.Jones and D.Nguyen Injury Updates

KFFL reports:

Cowboys Jones Injury UpdateMon, 24 Oct 2005 15:32:08 -0700
Dallas Cowboys RB J.Jones (ankle) has missed the last two games with an ankle injury and if he were unable to practice Wednesday, Oct. 26, he would likely miss Week 8. Head coach BP is not optimistic about Jones playing this week.

Cowboys Nguyen Expected to Return Week 8Mon, 24 Oct 2005 15:23:26 -0700
Dallas Cowboys LB D.Nguyen (neck) did not play during Week 7 as head coach BP believed Nguyen was not mentally ready to play. Parcells expects Nguyen to return to the field in Week 8.

Price Could See More Action

KFFL Reports: 24 Oct 2005 15:32:54 -0700

Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells was pleased with performance of WR Peerless Price during Week 7 and the receiver could see his role increase in the coming weeks. Price handled punt returns and had one reception for 19 yards during Sunday's game, Oct. 19.

GOOD MOVE: Cowboys cut Cortez

By MAC ENGELSTAR-TELEGRAM STAFF WRITERIRVING – Place kicker Jose Cortez said he was released by the Dallas Cowboys this afternoon. The move comes one day after Cortez was 1-for-2 on field goals in the Cowboys’ 13-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Cortez missed a 29-yard field goal late in the loss that would have given the Cowboys a two-score lead. He was 12-of-16 on field goals this season, but has made only four of his last seven. When asked if he was surprised, Cortez said, “I’m surprised they called me in, but it’s a business.”

Dress rehearsal is almost over

"It's been said that the teams who win in November and December are the ones who play in January. The final dress rehearsals for the last two months come in October, so it's getting to the point where teams need to step up and prove what they've got.

Our monthly standings so far:
September 2-1
October 2-2 (with one game left)
November ?-?
December ?-?

Sit Jones or play Jones against Arizona?

Jones is still a threat to any defensive coordinator. They will have to game plan for him instead of "do a one over the world" defensive scheme for our current RB by committee.

I think we play Jones and Dat. What do you think?

Our achilles heal is the O-Line

What we saw out there today was Bledsoe with a poor, poor line in front of him. We saw Bledsoe revert to his Buffalo form. Tucker and Allen played decently but the other 3 just had shatty games. We just need to help out Tucker next week against Bert Berry.

In the long run, Bledsoe will not get the protection he needs as often to be comfortable. This OL is not a quick fix. Hopefully, Bledsoe doesn't implode.

It's time to MAN-UP and beat Arizona.

Our goal should be to be 5-3 going into the bye.

Cowboys opponents FG percentage against us over the past three years

TIDBIT from SPAGNOLA Article: Going back to Game 13 of the 2002 season, Dallas opponents have made 66 of their past 70 field goals -- a whopping 94.3 percent (For comparison, Mike Vanderjagt is the most accurate kicker in NFL history at a mere 87.28 percent.)During Parcells' tenure, Dallas opponents are 58-for-62. And the only misses have come from 48, 52, 48 and 57 yards.So against the Cowboys, they've hit EVERY kick from inside 48 yards for almost the past three years.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

You can blame this loss on Bledsoe, but

.....what would you expect from a OL who has not played together for atleast one game. I will be happy to be 5-3 after 8 games. We need to hurry up and get to the bye so the OL has a chance to bond.

Tough loss, but let's look at the big picture

Dallas Cowboys have played one more game then the other teams in our division. Lets look at the next two weeks:

Dallas Cowboys (Arizona, bye)
N.Y. Giants (Washington, @S.F.)
Philadelphia (@Denver, @Wash)
Washington (@N.Y.Giants, Phil)

Things have to evenout in the division. At best case we are bottom dwellers with atleast another team in our division. After the bye we will truely see where we stand.

OFFICIAL: No J.Jones and D.Ngugen against Seattle

KFFL reports:

Cowboys Nguyen Stays HomeSat, 22 Oct 2005 19:35:21 -0700
The Dallas Morning News reports
Dallas Cowboys LB (neck) Dat Nguyendid not travel with the team for their Week 7 game.

Cowboys Jones Stays HomeSat, 22 Oct 2005 19:32:53 -0700
The Dallas Morning News reports
Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones (ankle) did not travel with the team for their Week 7 game.

2005 ROOKIE SACK LEADERS (after 6 games)

2005 Player Team Sacks
DeMarcus Ware Cowboys 4.0
LeRoy Hill Seattle 2.0
Mike Patterson Philadelphia 2.0
Lofa Tatupu Seattle 2.0
Chris Canty Cowboys 1.5
Shaun Cody Detroit 1.5

Cowboys' sacks, rookie:
9 – Willie Townes, 1966;
9 – Harvey Martin, 1973;
7½ – Jimmie Jones, 1990

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Will Price's presence have an impact? I think so.

The Seattle's 23rd ranked defense has trouble defending the pass in the 10 to 30 yard range. This is a glaring weakness. As we all know, Terry Glenn and Peerless Price are both deep threats the Hawks have to keep there safteys back in over the top coverage especially since Hamlins (their starting safeties) injury. After 6 gamers they have given up 71 first downs against the pass. Andre Dyson is have hamstring trouble and a good track meet could end the game for him early expecially if we burn them early and often. If the 'Hawks try to cover Glenn and Price in 1 on 1 coverage downfield its gonna be a long day for them. I almost guarentee they give there corners over the top help all game long. This opens up the middle of the field and causes Seattle has to rely on there linebackers. If we can run the ball effectivly setting up play action, I think we can burn them with the pitch and catch over the middle. So, if the Hawks do what I think they will do, Keyshawn and Witten will both have good games. GO COWBOYS!

The Hidden Yardage favors Dallas over Seattle

Here is the key hidden stats that I use to predict a winner:

Turnover Ratio: Dallas +1 verses Seattle –2 (advantage Dallas)
Penalties: Dallas 38/238 verses Seattle 39/309 yards (slight advantage Dallas)
Time of Possession: Dallas averages 34:14 verses Seattle averages 30:17 (advantage Dallas)
Kickoff Returns (against): Dallas opponents average 22.0 yards per return verses Seattle whose opponents average 23.2 yards per return (slight advantage Dallas)
Kickoff Returns (for): Dallas averages 22.6 yards verses Seattle who averages 23.1 yards (advantage Seattle)
Punts: Dallas has punted 22 times in 6 games verses Seattle who has punted 26 times in 6 games (slight advantage Dallas)
Punts inside 20: Dallas has had 6 in 6 games verses Seattle who has had 10 in 6 games (advantage Seattle)
How I see the hidden game as Dallas 5 and Seattle 2. Based on the hidden yardage, I think the Cowboys win.

Barber Could Start

Clarence E. Hill Jr., of the Star-Telegram, reports Dallas Cowboys RB Marion Barber has been getting a lot of repetitions with the first team this week and could start the team's Week 7 game if RB Julius Jones (ankle) is OUT as expected. Head coach Bill Parcells hasn't decided who would start for Jones. RB Anthony Thomas, Barber or RB Tyson Thompson could get the start. Parcells said a final decision won't be made until Saturday night, Oct. 22.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Tony Romo haters beware!

During Parcells' phone interview with the Seattle media, they asked him how difficult it is to develop a young QB. His response was "I have a young guy here that I think you're going to like in the future, Tony Romo. I'm very pleased with him".

Interesting comment that would have been swarmed on in the Dallas media. I bet Parcells slip up. What do you think?

Buffalo GM Tom Donahoe's quote on Bledsoe

In this week's SI there is a short article talking how well Bledsoe is playing and how much he is enjoying playing this year. At the end of the article there is a quote from Buffalo GM Tom Donahoe. He says "They're doing a good job protecting him, they're throwing the ball quickly, and he's playing against NFC Teams he hasn't played against for a while. We'll see what happens when teams play him the second time around".

Is this a haterade or what?

TIDBIT: What are we waiting for in signing Witten?

TIDBIT from Lenny P. Tipsheet:

Witten receiving praise: Dallas officials haven't yet started negotiations on a contract extension for tight end Jason Witten, and they really don't have to yet, since the former Tennessee star is only in his third season. Even though Witten has reached performance levels that void the final two years of his original five-year contract, signed as a third-round pick in 2003, Dallas can retain him by making him a restricted qualifying offer.

2003 35 347 23.1 9.9 3.1 1
2004 87 980 63.3 11.3 4.0 6
2005 (after 6 games) 28 317 52.8 11.3 2.8 2
2005 (projected) 75 846 52.8 11.3 2.8 5

After a slow start, Witten is once again emerging as a key member of the Cowboys' passing attack. Comments?