Sunday, August 03, 2008

QUESTION: Is Marion Barber an every-down back?


Will he be an every-down back? Earlier this offseason reporters put that question to Dallas coach Wade Phillips concerning running back Marion Barber , and the answer was "yes." Today's report out of Dallas indicates that is true, though he may not be carrying the ball on each of those downs. The Cowboys are experimenting with using both Barber and rookie Felix Jones in the same backfield — one formation that has Barber as a fullback and Jones lined up behind him, and another where Barber is in a one-back formation and Jones flexes out, according to Pro Football Weekly.

Our View: The thought of using Barber as a fullback should sicken most fantasy owners, especially considering the price paid to add him to the roster in most fantasy leagues. However, you can bet Jones is going to get playing time and thus the news should not be that shocking. More than anything, the threat of additional opportunity for injury in serving as a lead blocker might be cause for concern. Meanwhile, the news of using Jones as a receiver is refreshing and could raise the rook's fantasy value.