Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Expectations Up Or Down?

By Dave Troll • June 26, 2009

In 2007, the Dallas Cowboys had an amazing season completing a season at 13-3 as the NFC East Division Champions. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the will power or drive to win a playoff game that season.

During the off season prior to that, no one had any expectations of how well the Cowboys would do.

They come into the season in 2008 with many experts predicting that the Cowboys were the hands on favorite to win the Super Bowl. There were so many expectations of the team to accomplish that. They put pressure on themselves, the fans as well have expectations.

We all know what happened last season, they didn’t meet those expectations.

So, what are the expectations of the team this season? What are your expectations?

I think for the team, they always have expectations to make it to the Super Bowl. I think what hurt the Cowboys in ‘07 and ‘08, they didn’t have good leadership to harness the team and push them forward.

Do the Cowboys now have the leadership in place now? Can they take the right road and take it one game at a time? What should be on their minds right now, is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Don’t worry about the rest of the schedule.

My expectations of the Cowboys is low right now. I believe they have the talent and the ability to push further this season. So many unknowns, will the wide receivers do what they need to do? Can the offensive line stay intact and provide better blocking? Will the secondary really show what they are capable of?

Don’t get me wrong, I have not lost hope in the Cowboys. I am just saying that it will be so much sweeter if the Cowboys do go all the way.