Monday, June 15, 2009

DMN Blog: Gerald Sensabaugh simplifies things for Wade Phillips

By Tim MacMahon/Blogger

Wade Phillips and Co. spent an awful lot of time scheming to cover tight ends the last two seasons. (Often unsuccessfully.)

That shouldn't be the case this season. That's because they trust strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh in coverage, something that certainly couldn't be said for his predecessors at the position.

"He can play corner-type coverage, so any time they split somebody out and we want to play man-to-man, we can continue to do that," Phillps said. "Whereas before we either had to play man and give our safety some help or go to some type of zone where we could cover up for him."

That theory will be tested, considering the Cowboys' schedule features foes with elite pass-catching tight ends such as Kellen Winslow, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Cooley and Antonio Gates.

Phillips cited the way the Giants used to flex out Jeremy Shockey to exploit departed Roy Williams as an example. And the Cowboys will see Shockey in New Orleans this season. But he's fallen from the ranks of elite tight ends.