Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DMN Blog: Protecting the ball is important, but ...

BY Tim MacMahon/Blogger

Tony Romo has done a 180 with his attitude about turnovers.
Gone is the talk about taking the bad with the good. He made it clear yesterday that he's been convinced to make protecting the ball a priority.

That's a sign of growth in a quarterback who is entering only his third full season as a starter. It also proves that Romo is willing to listen to his coaches and accept constructive criticism, something that has occasionally been questioned since Bill Parcells bolted Valley Ranch.

That's all good news from a Cowboys perspective. But this team still needs Romo to be a playmaker to be successful. He just has to find the fine line between smart risk-taking and recklessness.
The timing of some of Romo's turnovers, such as his up-for-grabs deep ball picked off by Baltimore's Ed Reed to set up a field goal just before halftime, hurt the Cowboys. But, given the right circumstances, a team can still be successful with a quarterback who commits a lot of turnovers.

There weren't many QBs who gave the ball away as often than Romo last season, but two of them met in the Super Bowl.