Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jones optimistic about new contract for Ware

Posted by's Matt Mosley

CARROLLTON, Texas -- In addition to talking of his love for country western music, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addressed DeMarcus Ware's contract situation Thursday during an OTA session. As I've stated on this blog several times, the Cowboys don't necessarily have to get something done with Ware because of the potential of an uncapped year in 2010. But Jones said Thursday that he's not factoring that into negotiations with Ware.

"I don't think that's a factor," said Jones. "We've already made plans to get things done."

Reading between the lines, I think the Cowboys will reach an agreement with Ware on a contract extension during training camp. That is when they have finalized lucrative deals with players such as Jason Witten and former safety Roy Williams in the past.

The Cowboys allowed Tony Romo to play several games in 2007 before signing him to a lucrative extension. That was somewhat understandable since Romo had not played a full season as a starter. With Ware, you already know he's one of the most dynamic defensive players in the game.

I talked to Ware for a few moments after practice Thursday and he confirmed that the Cowboys have not tried to use the potential of an uncapped season as a bargaining chip. And he's not sweating the process, in part, because he's been very wise with his money.

"I don't let it weigh on me," he said. "I saved all the money from my first contract. I'm just playing and waiting -- and seeing what happens."

Ware then showed rare quickness as the team bus began to pull out of the lot without him. He shouted something in my direction as he hopped over Flozell Adams (no easy feat), but I didn't catch it.