Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fox Sports: NFL's Best Rivalries--Right Now


With nearly a century of storied tradition — and a sport built on high intensity, bruising hits and crushing collisions, bitter rivalries were a natural result and have helped power the league's interest for decades. But with all due respect and apologies to old-school rivalries like Packers-Bears and Cowboys-Redskins that helped build this league — which are the tastiest NFL rivalries RIGHT NOW?

In other words, which are the hottest rivalries today, with a major caveat focusing on top teams (apologies to both NFC and AFC West, both of which must improve ASAP to make the list) that currently can't stand each other? Adrian Hasenmayer ranks the Top 10 NFL rivalries going these days.

10. Dolphins vs. Bills

9. Cowboys vs. Eagles: Listen, just about any NFC East game is a virtual 60-minute octagon throwdown. But the level of hatred is sky-high — at least from the Philly faithful — when the Eagles and Cowboys get together. Eagles fans detest everything Cowboys, and while Dallas may not share the same disdain, there is plenty of both past (Michael Irvin getting booed, Jimmy Johnson pelted with snowballs) and recent (T.O. vs. Donovan McNabb, Eagles eliminating Cowboys from playoffs last season) history to keep matchups between these two title contenders stocked with gameday drama.

8. Broncos vs. Chargers

7. Patriots vs. Jets

6. Giants vs. Cowboys: Think two years back when the Cowboys were the team to beat in the NFC, until the hubbub of Tony Romo's secret vacation during the playoff bye week culminated in a shocking upset by the Giants in Dallas — a game which elevated every head-to-head meeting since then to almost Super Bowl-type proportions between the NFC East rivals.

5. Vikings vs. Packers

4. Steelers vs. Titans

3. Giants vs. Eagles

2. Colts vs. Patriots

1. Steelers vs. Ravens