Thursday, September 10, 2009

DC.COM Blog: Practice Provides Hints For Game-Day Actives

Posted by nickeatman at 9/10/2009 2:27 PM CDT on

We don’t get to watch a lot of practice each day, and most of our 25-minutes out there is for the all-intensive stretching period.

But judging on some of the special teams work they did, it does appear that Cory Procter and Doug Free will be two of the active players for Sunday’s game in Tampa. Now the team kept 10 offensive linemen but typically, only seven or eight linemen are active on the 45-man game day roster.

Procter and Free are both on the starting kickoff return units, which are anchored deep by Felix Jones, who of course, will be active Sunday. That was an easy one.

Miles Austin and Sam Hurd are also both on the return units, along with Steve Octavien. I didn’t see Kevin Ogletree on that squad, but that doesn’t mean the Cowboys won’t make him active Sunday.

It’s only a few minutes of a Thursday practice. But from the looks of things, it does appear Procter and Free will be the backup linemen available. And any questions about the injuries to Hurd and Austin clouding their availability for Sunday are probably cleared up as well.