Monday, October 12, 2009

Cowboys Offense Surprising No.1

by Patrick Sells

Don’t look now, but the Dallas Cowboys have the number one ranked offense in the NFL. No, this is not my personal opinion, and no I did not make this up, I’m serious. While the Cowboys may not be ranked number one in the rushing or passing game, collectively they are the best.

So what does it take to be ranked number one? Well the Cowboys are producing an outstanding 420.4 yards per game this year. The Cowboys are ranked third in the rush averaging 161 yards per game, and eighth in the passing game averaging 259.4 yards per game.

While the Cowboys have accomplished this ranking against three teams with a losing record, let us not forget that they have also played against the two best defenses in the league (Giants No.1, Broncos No.2) so its not a completely deceiving stat.

Take it for what you will, but you just can’t argue with the numbers. If the defense can improve from its 21st overall ranking, maybe just maybe these Cowboys have a shot to escape this season with a winning record. But that is certainly a big IF.