Friday, October 02, 2009

DC.COM: Cornerback Tackling A Priority This Week

Posted by jellis at 10/2/2009 2:00 PM CDT on

One of the things the Broncos are doing with Kyle Orton this season is giving him quick, easy throws, such as the little smoke screens out to a wide receiver when a cornerback is giving him lots of rooms.

Defending those has been a bit of a problem for the Cowboys this season, as the cornerbacks have missed some tackles.

Wade Phillips admits he is emphasizing the need to defend those quick passes well this week.

"We can see it, we missed some early in the game last week," Phillips said. "That's a concern, so we work extra on those kinds of things, and it's something we work on all the time. Especially the quick passes to the wide receivers, that's a drill that we work almost every day, coming up and tackling and also where to funnel the guy.

"You want to funnel him inside where those big linebackers can come and knock the hell out of him. That discourages them from doing that, making a short gain and really getting hit hard."